WMSA2015,Following the successful previous workshops, the conference will put together recent advances and trends in areas related to stochastic modeling, statistical inference and their applications. Contributions motivated by or addressing issues in engineering, industry and natural sciences are particularly welcomed, as several focused sessions are devoted to such topics. The workshop aims at facilitating the exchange of research ideas, stimulating collaboration and promoting young researchers.

Interested research Area

  1. Order statistics, Limit Theory, Theory of Probabilities
  2. Parametric and non-parametric analysis
  3. Decision Theory
  4. Queuing theory
  5. Reliability theory
  6. Multivariate statistical analysis
  7. Stochastic Processes
  8. Time Series Analysis
  9. Experimental Design
  10. Sampling theory

List of previous conferences

Scientific Committee

  1. Prof. Dr. Essam Al housaini khalf<\li>
  2. Prof. Dr. Nema A. Abdrabo
  3. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd elwahab Mahmoud
  4. Prof. Dr. Mahamoud Abd elati
  5. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rashad
  6. Prof. Dr.Mahmoud H. Gabr
  7. Prof. Dr. Ahmed H. Basuoni
  8. Prof. Dr.Beh Al Dousoki
  9. Prof. Dr. Mostafa Mohi ELdeen
  10. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ghareeb Mahmoud
  11. Prof. Dr. Nahed Mokhles
  12. Prof. Dr.Gamal Mokades

Organizing Committee

  1. Prof. Dr.H. M. Barakat
  2. Prof. Dr. Sayed M. Nigm
  3. Prof. Dr.Roushdi M. Farouk
  4. Dr. Naglaa S. Ameen
  5. Dr. EL housani Mostafa
  6. Dr. Marow Othman
  7. Dr. Rasha Abdelwahab
  8. Dr.Mohamed Al Sayed Abdelaziz
  9. Mr. Islam ELhousani
  10. Mr. Abdelrahman Sami